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Tips To Improve Your RV WiFi Connection

We have upgraded the Great Escapes North Texas RV Resort’s WiFi so that there is coverage throughout the park. While we can broadcast a signal covering the resort, getting that signal into RVs is always tricky. We want our guests to have the best experience possible, so let’s discuss why getting the signals inside RVs is so hard and go over a few helpful tips to improve your RV WiFi connection.

Why RVs Block WiFi Signals

A WiFi signal is a type of electromagnetic (EM) wave. It works like a car radio or cell phone signal. WiFi works on a different frequency than the other two. Think of frequency as the pitch of a sound. For example, a person singing bass produces a low sound frequency while a soprano sings at a higher one.

Compared to cell phones and FM radio, WiFi runs on a higher frequency. This higher frequency allows for the fast transfer of lots of data which is great for your home but comes with two big flaws that affect RVers.

  1. The signal doesn’t go very far without high-power antennas, which makes covering large areas difficult.
  2. WiFi signals can be easily blocked by anything that absorbs EM waves. That includes humans, trees, water, and anything metal.

Great Escapes North Texas has addressed the first issue with our upgraded system that gets the WiFi signal sent throughout the park. It’s number two that plagues most RVers because many RVs happen to be the perfect WiFi blocking machines.

improve your RV wifi connection

RVs Are Pretty Good WiFi Blockers

While some RVs are obviously covered in metal, such as Airstreams or some small travel trailers, even fiberglass fifth-wheels and motorhomes use aluminum framing, which can act as sort of an EM blocking cage (Faraday cage). Even windows, especially tinted, can block WiFi signals. So how do you get the signal into your rig?

Top 4 Tips To Improve Your RV WiFi Connection
1. Step Outside

This isn’t always possible for smart TVs, but if you are on a laptop or smartphone, you will most likely get a stronger signal outside your RV than inside it. So the simplest and easiest method to improve your RV WiFi connection is to set up your camping chair, roll out the awning and take your devices outdoors.

2. Use An Inside WiFi Booster

While your RV can degrade WiFi signals, having a stronger signal will provide a more stable connection. WiFi extenders sold at most big box stores can turn an OK signal into a decent one. In addition, many modern WiFi extenders can be plugged into an outlet and set up using your smartphone.


If the Internet is an absolute must, investing in a WiFi antenna that mounts on the outside of your RV may be a good investment. This type of antenna has two major advantages. One, they remove the RV blocking problem because the signals are sent and received outside. And two, they are typically mounted on the roof, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbor’s RV blocking your signal either.

4. Treat Yourself To A Cabin

Yeah, this method is cheating because it’s not a way to improve your RV WiFi connection. But sometimes, a vacation is less about packing and hauling an RV around and more about getting away and relaxing in a cabin for the weekend. At Great Escapes North Texas, every cabin is equipped with a cable modem and personal Wi-Fi.

Either By RV or Cabin, Great Escapes North Texas Is The Place To Be This April!

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